Our Professionals

Work With a Group of Experts:

Delta 7 Group’s subject matter experts are credentialed by elite government and have completed thousands of complex investigations. Furthermore, our technical surveillance countermeasures examiners are recognized experts in the detection of surreptitious electronic surveillance equipment. They have an unparalleled level of experience in technical surveillance operations and countermeasures.


Our Subject Matter Experts:

Former FBI special agents with extensive experience investigating complex cases.

Former FBI operational technology specialists with NSA, FBI, and industry certifications.

Former technical operators from the intelligence community.

Emmanuel Ladsous, President of Delta 7 Group

FBI (1988–2011)

Delta 7 Group founder, Emmanuel Ladsous, retired from the FBI in 2011 after a prestigious 23-year career. Mr. Ladsous is the president and founder of the Delta 7 Group, a licensed California private investigator, and an international business consultant.

Mr. Ladsous is a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent, a certified FBI technically trained agent, and an FBI/NSA-certified technical surveillance countermeasures examiner. Mr. Ladsous conducted complex sensitive national security and criminal investigations including terrorism, foreign counterintelligence, organized crime, white-collar crime, public corruption, civil rights violations, financial crime, bribery, bank robbery, extortion, kidnapping, interstate criminal activity, fugitive and drug-trafficking matters.

Mr. Ladsous is also an international business and security consultant with clients worldwide. He is a licensed California private investigator and an advisor (investigations and technical surveillance) for the Earth League International, a wildlife conservation group that combats poachers and traffickers in Africa and Asia. The organization is featured in the Netflix documentary, “The Ivory Games.”