Strategic Sourcing & International Business Development SERVICES

We provide market entry strategies

Expert Support For Foreign Companies

Delta 7 helps companies develop sales internationally. We aim to provide practical, cost-effective, and transparent results which will immediately gets you closer to your sales plans.

Our services include:

  • International B2B and B2G Business Development Consulting
  • Vendor/Supplier Identification and Qualification
  • Contract Management
  • Distributor Searches
  • Global Business Partner Searches

Leading International Companies

Delta 7 Client Base

Delta 7 represents the following companies:

  • Adaptive Digital Systems, Inc. (ADS)
  • Zodiac MilPro (Vietnam)
  • MetOcean, Inc.
  • Combined Systems, Inc.
  • Keywave Products
  • Global TechOps, Inc.
  • Alpine Armoring USA, Inc.
  • Seven Technologies Group (UK)
  • Zeus Defense Systems (UK)